Bad Words Of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto For Bengali

 ذولفقار علي ڀٽي جو خطاب، خطاب ۾ ڀٽو بنگالين کي ”سوئر که بچي جهنم مين جائين“ ، جهڙا لفظ استعمال ڪيا ـ وڌيڪ هيٺ خطاب جو تفصيل ۽ ويڊيو پڻ آهي

Speech of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto :

Whom we lived with in one country
Who struggled with us for one Pakistan
Who are Muslims and will  remain Muslims
I want to ask you, you decide =
What kind of relations, Do you want with them
Because the decision 
Listen --- Listen 
Because you people will have to decide 
I'll not make the mistake of making the decision
Who am i to decide?
Who am i to make your decisions
My God , how can i decide on behalf of the people?
If you people accept........... you people accept
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
okay.. if you people accept then fine
If not, , they can go to hell! they can go to hell
Okay , so we accept , what you want.......
Sit down --- Sit down....
Listen --- Listen....
This is not proper, What can be more unfair....
Now listen to this, I say..
What can be more unfair..
Okay, so we accept your demand
Don't want us? We don't want you!
Go to hell, swine , go to hell!